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Contact Us


Keeping the lines of communication open is paramount in order for us to serve this fellowship. Therefore we've instituted several ways to do so. We look forward to hearing from you today.




 707 Overhill Rd.

 San Antonio, TX. 78228



 Sundays @ 2p

 Wednesdays @ 7p

 Berean Bible School @ 4:30p

                   (Every 4th Sunday) 


Phone: (210) 212-4007

NOTE: this is a 24 hour phone, if you get no answer please leave a message including your name and number. You will be called back just as soon as possible. You can also text this number too.



 Pastor: Roland Gloria [email protected]

 Associate Pastor: Albert Wallace [email protected]

 Treasurer: Brenda Gloria [email protected]

 Secretary: Anna Wallace [email protected]

 President: Elizabeth Gloria [email protected]


Online Groups: Facebook.com/HardRockChurch



This Website: http://www.HardRockChurch.com